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Exhibitor Guide

Please consider the following

• Define the purpose of the company when participating in the event;
• Plan a creative booth and think through each of its steps;
• Hire all the services necessary for the operation of your booth, such as Internet access, electronic equipment, water, light, cleaning, security, furniture, etc.;
• Have a qualified and prepared team to contribute to the objectives;
• Think of special uniforms for your team, make sure that all are prepared to serve the public in the best possible way;
• Create special showrooms and displays to present your products;
• Apply strategies to establish contacts throughout the event;
• Use all available materials. Our team is available to help you;
• Do not forget business cards, catalogs, folders and other printed materials that your company usually uses;
• Remember to notify your network of contacts about your participation;
• Prepare various materials for the press, such as press releases;
• Book flights and accommodation. Check for special discounts through the Travel Agency of the event.

Encourage visitation

• Take action in your booth to attract the attention of passers-by;
• Present your new releases to the public;
• Keep your space always clean and organized to host your visitors;
• Network and associate with others. Remember that the event will be receiving new and old customers;
• Collect data from those who attend your booth. Learn more in the Exhibitor’s Guide;
• Choose functional gifts that will help you establish your brand;
• Do not forget to check the roles of each one in your team;
• Keep your team always active, motivated, and prepared;
• Prepare reports, evaluate the day before, and be prepared to make new decisions.

Beware of things may disrupt your results

• Keep an eye on schedules and do not prepare a different agenda than that scheduled;
• Do not become stuck with phones and laptops and do not let your team do so. This may avert visitors;
• Beware of excesses in your booth; warn said persons where necessary.

Enjoy the results

• Prepare lists and classify visitors that attend your booth;
• Perform follow-up with established contacts;
• Prepare thank you messages and send them to all visitors;
• Reestablish contact with important visitors, in particular potential customers;
• Evaluate what worked and what did not;
• Disseminate results across your entire team;
• Adopt strategic decisions based on the results of the show