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On a challenging year, LAAD Security surprises with high qualified attendance

The 2016 edition of LAAD Security – Public and Corporate Security Exhibition, received in Rio de Janeiro, from 12th to 14th April, more than 8.450 professionals from Brazil and Latin America to discuss major trends, promote exchange of technology and foster integration of public and private security.

“The exhibition featured expressive presence of authorities and official delegates from eight countries. On a challenging year, we were positively surprised with the volume and qualification of the attendance. The topics discussed during the seminar were aligned with the moment the country is going through and exceeded the expectations of the conference participants”, says Sergio Jardim, Managing Director of Clarion Events Brasil, organiser of LAAD Security.

As in previous years, this event held meetings of the main organizations for public safety in Brazil, including: the National Council of the General Command of Military Police and Fire-fighting Forces of Brazil (CNCG-PM/CBM), the National Council of Municipal Guards (CNGM), the National Council of Civil Police Chiefs (CONCPC), the National Council of Municipal Secretaries (Consems), National College of Secretaries of Public Safety (Consesp), the Brazilian Council of Military Fire Brigades (Ligabom), the Brazilian National Council of Crime Laboratories, and the Department of Federal Highway Police (PRF)..

Besides the meetings, the event featured booths of Ministry of Justice / Federal Highway Police, Rio de Janeiro's Civil and Military Police, as well the presence of representatives from Ministry of Defence, National Secretary of Public Security, National Penitentiary Department, among others.

LAAD Security 2016 promoted the visit of the delegations from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Dominican Republic to meet the leading technologies and trends in public security strategies. .

To Guatemala’s Colonel of Infantry, Julio Alberto Sousa Lainfiesta, LAAD Security has been a unique opportunity to get to know technologies with which he had not yet been in contact. “I'm catching up with the latest security technology and assistance. In the same line of reasoning, General Alfredo Lagos, from the Carabineros of Chile assesses: "this event is essential because it promotes the interaction of countries with very similar realities in terms of security," he said.

Parallel to the exhibition, the V LAAD Security Seminar was held, organize in three modules. In the first, about the Security General Overview, were discussed themes such as Crisis management, big events and public agglomerations and “Cyber Security Strategies and Information War".

The agenda of the second module, on public security, offered lectures such as “Sub secretariat of Civil Defense’s Actions to Reduce Risks of Disasters in the State of Rio de Janeiro” and” Rio 2016 Intelligence and Response to Terrorism Threats", as well as a panel with the commanders of the Military Polices from several States. Was even during the event that the director of the Department of Counterterrorism of the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin), Luiz Alberto Sallaberry, revealed that there are threats of attack of the Islamic State against Brazil.

On the last day, during the Corporate Security Module, the audience attended lectures such as “Itaipu Binacional: a Singular Model in Security for Critical Power Infrastructure” and "The use of non-lethal technology in corporative security ".

Next edition of LAAD Security, in 2018, will be held in São Paulo

Since the public and corporate security sectors are also covered in the largest event - the LAAD Defense & Security, which takes place in odd years ( April 04-07, 2017, in Rio de Janeiro), Clarion Events has opted to perform next LAAD Security in the capital of São Paulo State that is responsible for the higher budget of public security in the country, with 24.8 billion planned to be applied this year in segments such as policing, civil defense, information and intelligence. São Paulo has also the largest police force of Brazil and one of the largest in the world, employing an effective with more than 138 thousand police officers in military, civil and scientific areas.

“The scenario for the corporate security segment is promising in the São Paulo, which concentrates 32.1 % of GDP, nearly a third of the national wealth, and has the largest number of projects, with around 4 million companies, equivalent to 29.3% of the total in Brazil", stated Sergio Jardim, Managing Director of Clarion Events Brasil, LAAD Security’s organiser.