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Rio de Janeiro – to be Latin American capital of Public and Corporate Security

LAAD Security 2016 will unite companies from many countries at the Fifth LAAD Security Seminar – and host meetings of Brazil’s leading public and corporate security councils / committees.

Security is a key critical point in all areas of both public and private sector administration. The Brazilian government has increased its investment in training security agents and heightening their effectiveness. The Brazilian Forum for Public Security’s 9th Brazilian Public Safety Yearbook, published at the end of 2015, reported a 16.5% increase in total spending in the sector by all Brazilian states – from approximately R$ 61 billion in 2013 to more than R$ 71 billion in 2014. As a percentage of GDP, public safety expenditure increased from 1.26% to 1.29%.

To meet the demand from the public sector, and from the corporate security market, investing in solutions to protect corporate assets, LAAD Security 2016 – the Public and Corporate Security International Exhibition will be held from 12th to 14th April, at the Riocentro Convention Centre in Rio de Janeiro. More than 12,000 professionals from Brazil and Latin America will visit the event, to discuss major trends, promote exchange of technology, and foster integration of public and private security.

The exhibition will host more than 100 brands from Brazil and worldwide, offering state-of-the-art solutions across the whole range of security needs and equipment: authentication, access control and surveillance; emergency, rescue and recovery; personal and tactical equipment; cyber security; optical and optronic technology; ammunition and weapons; criminal and forensic expertise; trans-mission and communications equipment and vehicles; and more.

“This event attracts the attention of the key players in the industry”, says Sergio Jardim, Managing Director of Clarion Events Brasil – organiser of LAAD, “because we have on the one hand the presence of authorities from the three levels of government in Brazil that invest in public safety – Federal, State and Municipal; and on the other, a significant presence of international manufacturers, which use the event to introduce solutions for the Latin American market.”

One innovation at this year’s Conference – the third LAAD held so far – is an area dedicated to products and services for counterterrorism and response to disasters (natural or not). As Sergio Jardim says: “This is an excellent opportunity to bring together supply and demand, and promote implementation of solutions that can reduce the vulnerability of people, governments and businesses to this kind of threat”.

As in previous years, this event will feature meetings of the principal organizations for public safety in Brazil, including: the National Council of the General Command of Military Police and Fire-fighting Forces of Brazil (CNCG-PM/CBM), the National Council of Municipal Guards (CNGM), the National Council of Civil Police Chiefs (CONCPC), the National Council of Municipal Secretaries (Consems), National College of Secretaries of Public Safety (Consesp), the Brazilian Council of Military Fire Brigades (Ligabom), the Brazilian National Council of Crime Laboratories, and the Department of Federal Highway Police (PRF).

This year’s LAAD will also have a Program for Official Delegations, for which 14 authorities from ten Latin American have confirmed participation, including, for example: the Director of Police Planning and Development of Chile; the Executive Director of the Police Reform Commission of the Domini-can Republic; the General Commander of the National Police of Ecuador; the Secretary-General of the National Police of Panama; and the General Commander of the National Police of Paraguay.

Bringing business people together: The LAAD Security Conference VIP Program, launched this year, will bring exhibiting companies face to face with the major buyers for the corporate and public security sectors in Brazil and Latin America. The program invites authorities in acquisition, purchasing, logistics and supplies of public security agencies, Armed Forces and the corporate se-curity market, and schedules meetings for them with exhibitors during the Conference.

Seminars: The Fifth LAAD Security Seminar, running concurrently with the event, is held in three modules on the three days:

• The first day of the Seminar, under the title A General Overview of Security, will address topics including Management of Crises, Major Events and Crowds and Cyber Security and Information War Strategies.

• The agenda of the second day, Public Security, will include the presentations: Natural disasters – Contingency Plans and Prevention; and Intelligence and Response to Terrorist Threats – Rio 2016; and a panel discussion with the Military Police commanders of several States of Brazil.

• On the last day, the seminar will hold discussions of corporate security on topics such as: Public Regulation and Control of Security Activities; Use of Non-lethal Techniques in Corporate Security; and Fraud Prevention and Integration of Areas in Large Companies.

Clarion Events Brazil Managing Director Sergio Jardim says: “We have conceived the programming to offer participants a comprehensive overview of the security scenario and thus encourage discus-sions of industry trends in Brazil and in Latin America.”

The complete program of the event is available at www.laadsecurity.com.br/2016/en/programme/.

About LAAD Security
LAAD Security – Public and Corporate Security International Exhibition – brings together na-tional and international companies that provide technologies, equipment and services for Public Security, Police Forces, Special Forces, the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and safety management of large corporations, utilities and critical infrastructure in Brazil and Latin America. The second LAAD Security, held in 2014, brought together 161 exhibitors from 16 coun-tries and attracted a visiting public of more than 9,500 industry professionals.

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LAAD Security 2016 – International Public and Corporate Security Exhibition
Dates: 12th, 13th and 14th April, 2016
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Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Opening times: 12th and 13th April: 10 am to 6 pm;
14th April: 10 am to 5 pm.
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