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Content program in a modular layout, developed as of searches with the attendance of the most important authorities in the selected themes.

Check below the 7th edition themes:

Integrated Security Module – April 10th

  • Cyber Security and Fraud Prevention
  • Technology applied to Integrated Security
  • Security for Large Events and Mass Demonstrations
  • International Case: Intelligence in Integrated Security
  • The Impact of New Digital Technologies in Integrated Security

Public Security Module - April 11th

  • Police Training and Defence
  • Police Intelligence – Prevention and Combatting Trafficking in Arms, Drugs and Terrorism
  • The Use of the Armed Forces in Public Security – GLO
  • The Role of Intelligence and Integration in the Prevention of, and Response to, Disasters
  • Good Practices in Prison Systems
  • Statistics and Analysis in Public Security
  • Panel: Military Police General Commanders

Corporative Security Module - April 12th

  • Private Security Statute
  • Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Corporate Security
  • Compliance in Corporate Security
  • Panel: Security in Critical Infrastructure
  • Analysis, Risk and Intelligence in Corporate Security

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