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Exhibitor's guide

Please consider the following

? Define the purpose of the company when participating in the event;
? Plan a creative booth and think through each of its steps;
? Hire all the services necessary for the operation of your booth, such as Internet access, electronic equipment, water, light, cleaning, security, furniture etc.;
? Have a qualified and prepared team to contribute to the objectives;
? Think of special uniforms for your team, make sure that all are prepared to serve the public in the best possible way;
? Create special showrooms and displays to present your products;
? Apply strategies to establish contacts throughout the event;
? Use all available materials. Our team is available to help you;
? Do not forget business cards, catalogs, folders and other printed materials that your company usually uses;
? Remember to notify your network of contacts about your participation;
? Prepare various materials for the press, such as press releases;
? Book flights and accommodation. Check for special discounts through the Travel Agency of the event.

Encourage visitation

? Take action in your booth to attract the attention of passers-by;
? Present your new releases to the public;
? Keep your space always clean and organized to host your visitors;
? Network and associate with others. Remember that the event will be receiving new and old customers;
? Collect data from those who attend your booth. Learn more in the Exhibitor?s Guide;
? Choose functional gifts that will help you establish your brand;
? Do not forget to check the roles of each one in your team;
? Keep your team always active, motivated, and prepared;
? Prepare reports, evaluate the day before, and be prepared to make new decisions.

Beware of things may disrupt your results

? Keep an eye on schedules and do not prepare a different agenda than that scheduled;
? Do not become stuck with phones and laptops and do not let your team do so. This may avert visitors;
? Beware of excesses in your booth; warn said persons where necessary.

Enjoy the results

? Prepare lists and classify visitors that attend your booth;
? Perform follow-up with established contacts;
? Prepare thank you messages and send them to all visitors;
? Reestablish contact with important visitors, in particular potential customers;
? Evaluate what worked and what did not;
? Disseminate results across your entire team;
? Adopt strategic decisions based on the results of the show

More Visibility

Bring your company brand for beyond of the stand!

What about increase the visibility of your brand combining it to the LAAD Security marketing campaign? See below some tools offered by Clarion Events Brasil to highlight your brand before, during and after the event. Get in touch with our team and ensure this exclusive opportunity for exhibitor brands.

Official Catalogue

Research point that 90% of buyers refer to the Official Catalogue post show.

Digital Medias

LAAD Security is online and your brand can connect to our trough: website, newsletters and social media.

Mobile App

Your brand and the LAAD Security helping thousands of national and international visitors.

Aerial Signage

Aisle banners and banners over the stand: your brand ?over? the competition guiding visitors, delegates and authorities.

Other Signage Items

Registration Area and Entrance Porch, totems, carpet tiles, panels and much more. The venue and the external area are the limit!

Specific Actions

Highlight your brand together to specific publics as Official Delegates, Public Security Authorities and the Press.


Your investments in merchandising actions can ensure status as event sponsor!

There are four options of quotas available:

Exclusive Quotas ? 3 quotas ? 5 quotas ? 5 quotas ? 5 quotas

Know about the sponsorship packages for the content program of LAAD? Security:

1 Exclusive quota for each Seminar / 2 quotas for each seminar / 2 quotas for each seminar

To purchase sponsorship packages or merchandising items, get in touch trough the email

Notice to the exhibitor

Warning to our customers that unauthorized charges has been sent in a irregular form on behalf of?Clarion Events Brasil Exibi??es e Feiras.

This fraud has been happen for years and work in the following way: criminals contact?Clarion Events Brasilcustomers identifying as a charges department responsible reporting about the charges replacement. Be careful! Avoid this coup!

Ensure all charges on behalf of?Clarion Events Brasil Exibi??es e Feiras?has sent by?

Disregard other charges wich have not been made by one of these contact because they are FAKE!

All oficial Clarion Events e-mails are originate only from our domain

Thank you for understanding.

Exhibitor area



Clarion Events Brasil is committed to delivering safe and successful events for our customers, many of whom rely on these opportunities to generate business and to support their financial prospects.

Clarion Events Brasil, Transamerica Expo Center and Premium Serviços Medicos are closely monitoring cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and will take extra measures at all trade shows, including increased cleaning and sanitisation, training, medical support and signage in addition to following the recommendations of health authorities.

We will provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer at strategic points during LAAD Security 2020 and the medical team of Premium Serviços Médicos will be available for any assistance.

Check below the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health basic protective measures against the new coronavirus:

• Wash your hands frequently;
• Clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub;
• Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth;
• Practice respiratory hygiene: cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue coughing or sneezing. Then dispose of the used tissue immediately;
• If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early.

Clarion Events Brasil, Transamerica Expo Center e Premium Serviços Médicos